Re: Sandbox Projects included from September 8 TOC meeting

John Belamaric

We discussed this in the SIG Architecture meeting today. While generally workload controllers are within scope of the Kubernetes project, it is up to SIG Apps to decide if they are willing to take these on as SIG-sponsored projects. As Matt suggests, it's fine for these to exist as external workload controllers.

With respect to upstreaming, the preference of SIG Arch would be to see individual features move into existing workload controllers as they mature, rather than creation of whole new controllers. The goal here would be to avoid a proliferation of controllers that makes choices very difficult for consumers. Of course, if there is some fundamental difference between the new controller and all existing ones, then a new one may be warranted. But creation of a new one should be done with an abundance of caution. Again this would ultimately be the decision of SIG Apps.


On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 1:31 PM <szihaI@...> wrote:
The OpenKruise project agree with the Sig App's assessment completely. We, too, believe while up-streaming some of the features to the core workloads is possible, the majority of the controllers and features is best to remain as a separate project.

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