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Michael Richmond

Lots of good strategies in the node.js post. Adopting many of those ideas integrated together with a CI system could be a useful approach. I have in mind something like the OpenStack CI system where creating a pull-request triggers an automated build and test execution. This automated build/test could write a link to the build log and a red/green indicator to the pull-request. 

Do you have any thoughts about how a CNCF toolchain/CI approach could fit into this community model?

Michael Richmond

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Hi all

Some more Recent Prior Art we could learn from...

1. MariaDB

Notable because it employs a developer, Monty.  I personally do NOT think that the CNCF should employ developers in this way.  However, I thought the raisons d'etre might be worth a quick glance.  For example number one is "helping new contributors..."

2. Node.js

"helping new contributors" is taken to a greater extreme here.  Have a plough through this.  It is quite a long read but may be worth stealing ideas from.


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