Re: Istio Steering Committee

Josh Berkus

On 8/25/20 12:53 PM, April Kyle Nassi wrote:
I do echo Kris' comment about CNCF having an opinion on how projects
govern. It seems like as CNCF has grown, perhaps there is now a desire
to be more explicit about the types of governance we want projects to
have? This is something those of us on the Governance WG would love to
get more direction around so we can help make templates, etc and build
programs that would benefit projects. 
There's going to be a huge gap between the governance structures we
*recommend* and the ones that are *acceptable to CNCF*. The CNCF was
founded on having considerable autonmy for projects in governance, and
that has to include adopting systems we think are "bad".

Josh Berkus
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