Re: [RESULT] k3s accepted into Sandbox


Congrats! Good to see


On Aug 19, 2020, at 11:43 AM, Amye Scavarda Perrin via <> wrote:

k3s has applied to join as a sandbox project (

+1 Binding:
Matt Klein:
Alena Prokharchyk:
Michelle Noorali:
Liz Rice:
Sheng Liang:
Brendan Burns:
Justin Cormack:
Katie Gamanji:

Saad abstains:

+1 NB:
Roger Klorese:
Barak Stout:
Phil Estes:
Saiyam Pathak:
Herve Leclerc:
Gerred Dillon:
Lorenzo Fontana:
Siddharth Bhadri:
Ken Owens:
Jeff Billimek:
Mofei Zhang:
Gou Rao:
Christian Posta:
Matt Farina:
Richard Hartmann:
Alois Reitbauer:
Jimmy Song:
Jinyong Kim:
Dax McDonald:
Jim St. Leger:
Tina Tsou:

-1 NB:
Bob Wise:
Joe Beda:
Alexis Richardson:
Jonah Kowall:
Gadi Naor:
Es Zou:

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