Re: Proposal for a new "Steering Committee Charter"

Josh Berkus

On 7/9/20 10:48 AM, Jaice Singer DuMars wrote:

That said, I do believe a standardized steering committee template has
value though, especially for projects reaching the natural governance
evolution where one makes sense. It's easy to forget that the Kubernetes
steering committee was a response to community distress as documented in
the contributor survey at the time. Having a vetted and well thought-out
charter to start from can limit the time needed to resolve governance
The template is a great idea, and we'd like to borrow that from Alexis'
draft. We're creating a templates repo that projects can clone if they
want to use our templates for the various requirements, including, contributor ladder, etc. He hasn't given permission to
use it though, so I may need to rewrite it from scratch.

Is this working group going to suggest an alternative?
If you're asking about an alternative to the "SC workaround", our
recommendation would be that projects that are struggling with
attracting minority-org maintainers reach out to SIG-ContribStrat and
we'll work with them to make that happen. It's part of why we created
the SIG.

Josh Berkus
Kubernetes Community
Red Hat OSPO

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