CNCF K8s certification workgroup first meeting in SF 12/8-9 & 12/14-15

Dan Kohn <dan@...>

You may have heard that CNCF is launching a curriculum development, training and certification initiative for Kubernetes that was announced at CloudNativeCon last week.

If you are interested in following developments, please join the certification working group mailing list. If you are interested in participating in developing the certification exam (and particularly if you are aiming to be in the initial class of Kubernetes Managed Service Providers), please try to send a representative (who is an expert in Kubernetes) to the first two working group meetings, which will be at the Linux Foundation's San Francisco offices in the Presidio, from 9 AM to 5 PM on December 8/9th and 14/15th.

The focus of the first 2 days will be to conduct a Job Task Analysis (JTA) in order to determine what skills/knowledge/abilities a certified candidate should be able to demonstrate. The outcome of the JTA will be the exam "blueprint". The blueprint of topics for the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator exam shows the kind of material we'll be aiming to produce for public consumption. Once this is done, any interested training provider will be able to develop material that adequately prepares candidates to succeed on the exam.

The second 2 day session will focus on writing the certification exam items which will test the blueprint elements. The entire process will be facilitated by the LF's psychometrician to ensure we leave with the right content so they can immediately move into programming and testing the exam items. We'd like all workshop participants to take an existing LF exam so they can test drive the overall process prior to the 8th.

More details will be sent to the certification mailing list shortly, so please sign up there.
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