Re: DRAFT agenda for TOC call today

alexis richardson

On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 9:38 AM Alexis Richardson <alexis@...> wrote:
Hi all,

Some logistical issues with google docs mean that I'm posting the
draft agenda as below.  Slides will land just before the meeting.



- Welcome Fluentd + link to Blog Post

New Project Proposals:

 * Please can we invite gRPC & Linkerd to make written proposals

   → Let's have a show of hands on the call

   → Need sponsors

 * Next meeting (not today) - Pachyderm will present

Ref Arch & Landscape:

- (Voted!) Big thanks to Ken & co.

- Please use the Ref Arch.

Example - (with Redpoint) Landscape picture - show 0.92

Review of last week

- Kubecon & CNCon & PromDay highlights

- Lessons learnt

- Alexis TOC blog post:

- I like Bryan's point about Literacy here

(Dan & Chris) Exec Director's update:

- Launch of Certification & why we need this & link to blog post

- DCO & CLA plans

- Other GB updates

(Dan & Chris) Future Meetings & Events

- Dates for Tahoe meetup + why to attend (if you can & want to)

- Dates for Kubecon/CNCon 2017 please

Special Projects -

- Last call: Graduation Criteria

- Governance: Matt Proud


- Cloud Native Patterns & Example Apps: JJ

- Architecture: Ken, Doug, ..


- Cancel Dec 21st

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