DRAFT agenda for TOC call today

alexis richardson

Hi all,

Some logistical issues with google docs mean that I'm posting the
draft agenda as below. Slides will land just before the meeting.



- Welcome Fluentd + link to Blog Post


New Project Proposals:

* Please can we invite gRPC & Linkerd to make written proposals

→ Let's have a show of hands on the call

→ Need sponsors

* Next meeting (not today) - Pachyderm will present

Ref Arch & Landscape:

- (Voted!) Big thanks to Ken & co.

- Please use the Ref Arch.

Example - (with Redpoint) Landscape picture - show 0.92

Review of last week

- Kubecon & CNCon & PromDay highlights

- Lessons learnt

- Alexis TOC blog post:

- I like Bryan's point about Literacy here


(Dan & Chris) Exec Director's update:

- Launch of Certification & why we need this & link to blog post


- DCO & CLA plans

- Other GB updates

(Dan & Chris) Future Meetings & Events

- Dates for Tahoe meetup + why to attend (if you can & want to)

- Dates for Kubecon/CNCon 2017 please

Special Projects -

- Last call: Graduation Criteria

- Governance: Matt Proud


- Cloud Native Patterns & Example Apps: JJ

- Architecture: Ken, Doug, ..


- Cancel Dec 21st

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