Re: [SIG o11y] Third chair nomination : Steve Flanders

Liz Rice

Thank you to whoever prompted us in the TOC meeting this week that this nomination (and also the tech lead nomination for SIG Observability) are outstanding! 

SIG Chairs require a 2/3 TOC vote and I'm happy to call for that vote. 

I would like to remind everyone, especially SIG Chairs, that you have a role to play in encouraging diversity amongst roles in SIGs. For example, are there folks in your organization from an under-represented group who you could encourage to get involved in a SIG? 


On Wed, Apr 22, 2020 at 6:57 PM Steve Flanders via <> wrote:
Thanks Richard and Matt! I have put together a quick introduction as well as my values and goals. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email or Slack. Thanks for your consideration!


On 4/22/20, 12:19 PM, "cncf-toc@... on behalf of Richard Hartmann" <cncf-toc@... on behalf of richih@...> wrote:

    [ External sender. Exercise caution. ]

    Dear all,

    as announced during yesterday's TOC call, Matt Young and I are
    suggesting Steve Flanders of Splunk & Open Telemetry as the third
    chair for our SIG.

    I will leave the honours of introduction to Steve :)

    Discussion and voting should happen on the TOC list, SIG o11y is
    BCC'ed in for information only.


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