Re: LitmusChaos (SandBox Proposal) is looking for TOC sponsors

Uma Mukkara

Dear TOC,

As a query, we would like to know if we can continue to ask for sponsorship from TOC for the projects that have followed the existing SandBox process and cleared SIG DD. 


On Fri, 8 May 2020 at 12:55 AM, Uma Mukkara via <> wrote:
Dear TOC members,

LitmusChaos project maintainers are reaching out to you to seek sponsorship for SandBox. The project has been unanimously recommended for SandBox by App-Delivery-SIG (Thank you SIG chairs). 

The proposal PR is here -
The DD from Sig-App-Delivery is here - 

We are looking forward to growing this project under CNCF governance and contributing more chaos experiments through participation from multiple CNCF projects and the community itself.

Uma Mukkara
Karthik S


Uma Mukkara
COO, MayaData

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