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Devdatta Kulkarni

This is an exciting development.

Having a central repository/hub for all the cloud-native artifacts makes sense.


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Hello folks, I want to share that the CNCF Hub which was alluded to in the last TOC call is now public. You can find the source at  From the README:

Hub is a web-based application that enables finding, installing, and publishing packages and configurations for CNCF projects. For example, this could include Helm charts, Falco configurations, and Open Policy Agent (OPA) policies.

Discovering artifacts to use with CNCF projects can be difficult. If every CNCF project that needs to share artifacts creates its own Hub this creates a fair amount of repeat work for each project and a fractured experience for those trying to find the artifacts to consume. The CNCF Hub attempts to solve that by providing a single experience for consumers that any CNCF project can leverage.

The project, accessible at, is currently in development in a pre-alpha state. Support for Helm charts is in development with plans to support more projects to follow. Pull requests, especially those to support other CNCF projects, are welcome.

I look forward to some healthy discussion over the technical bits along with how to proceed positionally with the project. For example, is this something that should be a sandbox project or a service from the CNCF? Or, something else?

For those interested in some more history and context...

At KubeCon/CloudNativeCon SD, last November, a group of us got together. That include Dan Kohn along with representatives from the Operator Framewok, KUDO, and Helm. Note, both the Operator Framework and KUDO are projects that were and are proposed for the CNCF.

After that meeting I was asked to write an initial specification to kick things off. You can read there here. The specification was started to be turned into reality by Dan through Cynthia and Sergio.

For those who might wonder why this was not more public sooner... the plan was to do so but the virus impact on operations, like the movement of conferences, has impacted the schedule.

I want to thank Dan for bringing people together around this topic and working to make the idea a reality.

I'm happy to try to answer any questions. But, as I have only been involved during parts of this process (and often to a limited extent outside of the spec and initial meeting) I may have to defer to others for answers.

Matt Farina

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