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Andreas Stroppel <Andreas.Stroppel@...>

Sorry guys…


But somehow i feeling lost now.. How did we just switch from a discussion of a plan B and what kind to use to a sudden movement of the whole event. And all of this after just 2 days when we got an email mentioning,

That everything is fine and we can be informed of the kubecon side that everything will be done to keep all attendees save.


It is not too long since I am a sponsor, but this behaviour somehow seems as pure reaction and panic oriented. I don’t even know how I can see this as cool headed and interpret this as a thorough decision.

It feels like we switch from feeling quite fine, through a discussion and then while originally discussing a plan B we already implemented plan B. But without any concrete situation forcing us to do this.


Has anyone calculated the impact on all day 0 Events, Or sponsors of this event? All the effort already put in place and all the preparations?`


Just to clarify. I am a full supporter of security first and even a cancelation if needed. But for me this is pure panic nothing I can understand and to be honest quite confusing…

What in all this is professional behaviour?


The decision is made and we have to accept this. But as an sponsor/investor to such an event, I really don’t know what to think of such reaction…


Just my 2 cent which hat do be written out of some frustration….


Greetings Andreas


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Dear Cloud Native Community:


The health, safety, and wellbeing of our attendees and staff are our highest priority, and we know that what makes KubeCon + CloudNativeCon such a great event is the people who gather there. Thus, after discussions with many community members, we have made the difficult decision to postpone KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Amsterdam (originally set for March 29 to April 2, 2020) to instead be held in July or August, 2020. (We’re finalizing the date and will announce it shortly.) We expect that by mid-summer, there will be more clarity on the effectiveness of control measures to enable safe travel to industry events like this one.


Additionally, we are, unfortunately, canceling KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit Shanghai in July 2020 due to the uncertainty around travel to China and our ability to assemble the speakers, sponsors, and attendees necessary for a successful event. CNCF remains deeply committed to engaging with our Chinese community and we are looking forward to again holding KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit in China in 2021. 


Our North America event in Boston will occur as planned, November 17-20, 2020.


These events are important to all of us. Although nearly all the implementation work for CNCF-hosted projects is conducted online, in-person events are invaluable for making and strengthening the connections that enable our technical communities to thrive. Our sponsors, project maintainers, technical audience, and many community members consider it one of the best networking, learning, and marketing opportunities of the year. CNCF reinvests the income from events to directly support CNCF’s hosted projects. Some recent examples include funding the Kubernetes security audit, bug bounty program, and Jepsen testing of etcd. The services CNCF provides to its hosted projects are detailed in the latest CNCF Annual Report.


Thank you for your patience as we work through the issues regarding these changes. Please continue to support each other in the community, wash your hands, and we look forward to seeing you in July/August.


- CNCF staff


Here is an initial FAQ:


I’ve registered for Amsterdam; what do I do?


Your Amsterdam registration is being updated to the July/August date, so if you can attend in July/August, you’re all set for registration. 


We are working with our host hotels on a process to cancel current reservations.  We will advise attendees on the next steps shortly here and via email. Once the new dates are finalized, we will upload new reservation links, and you can directly make new reservations.


If you are unable to attend in July/August, please cancel your registration online by logging back into your registration using your confirmation number and select “unregister” and you will be refunded in full. You will also need to cancel your hotel directly. Please email events@... if you encounter any issues. 


I’m sponsoring in Amsterdam; what do I do?


We sincerely hope that all 180 Amsterdam sponsors will be able to work with the new date in July/August. The sponsor team will be in touch in the next couple of weeks with a contract addendum covering the new date. If you are unable to accommodate the new date, we will work with you to apply your sponsorship to a future CNCF event or, if necessary, provide a refund. This also applies to organizations hosting a Day 0 co-located event.


I’m a diversity scholar, media, analyst, or speaker who received travel funding; what do I do?


We’ll be contacting you directly in the next week to assist in changing your travel plans.


I’m a speaker; what do I do?


We are planning to keep the schedule the same. The co-chairs will work with speakers who need to make adjustments to their topics to cover advances in the intervening six months, but the topic of the talk needs to be the same.


If you are unable to travel on the new dates, and you don’t have a co-speaker who can do the talk, we will backfill your talk from the waitlist. When choosing waitlisted talks, the co-chairs may also pull from the recently-completed CFP to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon China.


I’ve registered for a Day 0 co-located event, what do I do?


We are in the process of confirming with the organizers that each of the Day 0 events will go forward as planned. We will inform attendees of any that are being canceled and encourage them to register for a different Day 0 event.


I have other questions


Attendees can email events@..., speakers can email speakers@... and sponsors can email sponsorservices@.... We request your patience as we deal with the volume of inquiries.


Dan Kohn <dan@...> +1-415-233-1000
Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation or book on my calendar:

Dan Kohn <dan@...> +1-415-233-1000
Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation or book on my calendar:

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