Re: Harbor Graduation next steps

Li, Xiang

I remember that the runtime sig ( main sig of the
review ) also requested a co-review from sig security. Is that still the case? Can you double check with sig runtime?

- Xiang

发件人:Michael Michael<michmike@...>
日 期:2020年03月04日 00:27:15
主 题:[cncf-toc] Harbor Graduation next steps

hello TOC and Mr Xiang Li,

first,i would like to thank sig-runtime and sig-storage in their review of Harbor.
Sig-storage results are at
Sig-runtime results are at

The Harbor graduation PR is at (PR has links to the due diligence document as well)

Mr Xiang, as our TOC assignee, is there anything else you need from the Harbor team before a vote is called for Harbor graduation?


Michael Michael
Harbor Maintainer

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