Volcano (A Kubernetes-based Batch System) is looking for TOC sponsors for its Sandbox donation

Klaus Ma

Dear TOCs,

Volcano, a Kubernetes based batch system for batch workloads, has followed the new process and got the SIG-Runtime's approval to proceed for Sandbox application a month ago. For now, there're 12 approvers/reviewers from 5 companies/orgs and 75 contributors from 10+ companies/orgs. For the last few weeks, the Volcano project team has been reaching out to many TOCs for sponsorship, but unfortunately, we have got little/no response or not even feedback about the project.

At this point, we don't know what to do next to get sponsors. Please help !

Please take a look at Volcano and let us know if you would kindly be our sponsor. Thank you !!

Volcano Project Details:

Volcano presentation to CNCF Runtime SIG


Link to TOC PR


Link to Presentation


Link to GitHub project



The Volcano project team

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