Re: Kubernetes Event-driven Autoscaling (KEDA) is looking for TOC sponsors for its Sandbox donation

Liz Rice

I’m happy to sponsor, and have updated the PR to say so. 

As a comment on the process - personally speaking, the recommendation from SIG Runtime was super-helpful and fwiw I found it helpful to watch the SIG presentation recording. Thanks to everyone involved! 

Liz Rice
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On 2 Mar 2020, at 14:21, Tom Kerkhove <kerkhove.tom@...> wrote:


Kubernetes Event-driven Autoscaling (KEDA) is in process of being donated as a Sandbox project to CNCF and is being recommended by SIG-Runtime.

We are actively seeking TOC sponsors so that KEDA can be accepeted - If you are interested, feel free to reach out to me or head over to our proposal on

Thank you for your time,

Tom Kerkhove
KEDA Maintainer.

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