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Sorry, I missed that last call. So apologies if this was discussed.

Two thoughts/Questions that come to mind when looking thru the slides:


a)      Emphasis on security seem to be missing. It might be implicit, but being explicit might be useful.  So calling out some aspects of it in application definition, orchestration and runtime would change that. I suspect that orchestration and runtime would get more interesting if complex security policies are modelled in the application definition.

Given that security spans all the layers and is a complex topic, I'm not sure what we'd add at the current level of detail. 


b)      Not sure if this is group to address: I feel, that no consistent implementation or standard for Service Directory exist. The most consistent yellow pages we seem to have DNS. For the new generation of applications, is that enough?  Should we call out Service directory under service management?

Service naming, discovery, load balancing, and routing (service fabric/mesh approaches) are intended to be covered by slide 6. Is there a specific terminology clarification that you'd like to see? Or would you like us to merge the "Coordination" and "Service Management" sub-bullets into a single list?

What exactly do you mean by "service directory"?









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Last week at the CNCF TOC meeting, we discussed issues with the CNCF Reference Architecture and felt it was ready to finalize (and much better than what we had before):



This is a call to formalize the reference architecture, so TOC members please vote!



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