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Liz Rice

We've only just agreed the new process, and it has taken months to get there. The point of it is to enable SIGs to help out the TOC and spread some of the workload. Please let's give it a chance to see whether it works. 

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On 24 Feb 2020, at 15:40, Vinod NA <vinod@...> wrote:


I appreciate that you guys might be busy, but could any of the TOC please address the questions from Matt? The problem he is describing makes sense to me and I think it's important to address these before adding more red taping within the process. Even with the current situation, the projects have to wait more than one year to enter as a sandbox project.

Looking forward to your reply.



On Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 4:36 PM Matt Farina <matt@...> wrote:

I know the members of the TOC are busy. They are executives, lead projects, and have a lot going on. Do y'all think you will take the time to watch SIG recordings? I've been chairing Kubernetes SIGs for years and I've found this only happens when someone has a reason to watch it.

How are SIGs going to make the recommendations? Is that in meetings or is the discussion going to happen elsewhere? For example, if it happens in the issue queue what will drive the TOC members to the issues to be looped in?

My big concern is for the potential projects. If people know TOC members or know people who know them to get in touch a change in the process isn't so bad. But, for people who don't have an in with TOC members this looks like it makes the process more difficult.

Consider this, it's TOC members sponsoring projects not SIGs sponsoring them. Adding hurdles or extra elements between those sponsoring and those with something needing a sponsor is going to increase difficulty for those who don't have another known route to get to the sponsors. This is a problem for projects that don't have existing social connections.

Does the problem I'm describing make sense?

- Matt Farina

On Sat, Feb 15, 2020, at 7:57 AM, Liz Rice wrote:
Hi Matt, 

The idea is that the TOC can watch the SIG recorded presentation, and/or read the slides, and the recommendation from the SIG. And of course we can always reach out to the project if we want to discuss. 

We'll see how well this works and if we need to, we can adjust. 


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On 14 Feb 2020, at 22:06, Matt Farina <matt@...> wrote:


Sandbox projects now require 3 TOC sponsors to get in. Presenting to the SIGs are great but there are rarely 3 TOC members in a SIG meeting. Presenting to the whole TOC provides an opportunity to showcase projects looking for sponsorship and let the TOC interact with them.

How will proposed sandbox projects get TOC member time to find sponsors if they don't get in front of the TOC itself? What will the new flow look like?

Matt Farina

On Fri, Feb 14, 2020, at 2:54 PM, Liz Rice wrote:
The third-Tuesday-of-the-month public TOC meeting has been for project presentations, but now that the SIGs are handling those project presentations, let’s cancel that meeting. I’m sure we can all find good uses for the extra time we'll get back! 

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