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Brian Grant

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Probably too late to comment,  but looking at the charts seems like we are missing a notion of resources binding / dependency,  similar to cloud foundry 

E. G.  A web Micro-Service binds to (or depends on)  a database Micro-Service with a certain url,  this helps orchestration to determine the provisioning steps,  and helps the app find the resources it builds on

Hi, Yaron.

This layer diagram is extremely high-level, and the explanations of the levels are intended to be descriptive rather than exhaustive, so it doesn't preclude the service broker model. 


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Last week at the CNCF TOC meeting, we discussed issues with the CNCF Reference Architecture and felt it was ready to finalize (and much better than what we had before):

This is a call to formalize the reference architecture, so TOC members please vote!

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