SIG-Security Tech Lead nominations

Sarah Allen

Dear Technical Oversight Committee,

In January, the SIG-Security co-chairs along with then TOC liason’s Joe Beda and Liz Rice, agreed to nominate three Tech Leads for SIG-Security: Justin Cappos, Emily Fox and Brendan Lum. Due to the TOC election vote freeze we held off on submitting the nomination till now.

“Tech leads are assigned following a 2/3 majority vote of the TOC and a 2/3 majority vote of SIG Chairs” — cncf-sig elections

See below for more details on each of the nominated tech leads.  Liz suggested that an email vote would be fine, though if anyone wants to suggest alternate process or has questions, let us know.

Thank you!

Sarah Allen

SIG-Security Chair


SIG-Security Tech Lead nominations:

Justin Cappos

Emily Fox

Brendan Lum

  • SIG-Security highlights

    • Triage team, Meeting Facilitator 

    • Security reviewer on both initial assessments (in-toto and OPA)

    • Security reviewer conflict of interest guidelines PR#247

    • Presented SIG-Security session China June 2019, San Diego Nov 2019

    • Organized in-person meetup DockerCon, May 2019 issue#151

  • Professional affiliations: 

  • Github: @lumjjb

  • CNCF Projects: n/a

  • SIG-Security commits

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