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alexis richardson

Note that Michelle is app delivery liaison 

On Thu, 13 Feb 2020, 08:20 Liz Rice, <liz@...> wrote:
Now that we are without Joe & Alexis, we need volunteers to replace them in their former roles as TOC liaisons to SIG Security and SIG App Delivery respectively. 

In the list of proposed SIGs the expectation is Brendan Burns and Brian Grant for SIG Runtime, and Jeff Brewer for SIG Observability. 

TOC members:
* if you’re not already a liaison please volunteer for the SIG that would best fit your experience
* if you feel that there is now a better candidate on the TOC to take over your current SIG liaison role, now would be a good time to say so. 

Feel free to reach out privately if you want to discuss. 

We should also document the role of TOC liaison to a SIG - right now we just have that they are an additional non-exec SIG chair. Here’s a very rough first pass - wdyt?:  

* Ensuring good communication between the TOC and the SIG
* Raising to the TOC when the SIG needs action or help
* Helping the SIG prioritise what they’re doing to be in line with TOC needs

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