Re: CoC Language in the CNCF Graduation Criteria

Santiago Torres Arias <santiago@...>

Hi, Carolyn!

Apologies beforehand if this is not the place to bring this up. I don't
know if there was discussion behind this, so I may be missing a lot of
context. Anyway, off to the point.

Your comment made me wonder if having a CNCF-wide CoC is the best
approach. Alternatively, wouldn't having other options for CoCs to be
adopted be ideal? In other words, I wonder if "blessing" a group of
possible CoCs to adopt would be a better approach...

Thank you!

On Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 04:44:23PM +0000, Carolyn Van Slyck (CHIEF EMOJI OFFICER) via Lists.Cncf.Io wrote:
The Kubernetes Code of Conduct Committee wanted to clarify a recent change to the CNCF Graduation Criteria< > doc. The change adds to the Sandbox Stage "Adopt the CNCF Code of Conduct" which is great!

It does inadvertently tie our committee's hands a bit to perform our duties though. We have been discussing updating the K8s CoC and address gaps that we have run into during our term.

I'll submit a PR next week that tweaks the wording back so that the Kubernetes Code of Conduct Committee may continue to manage our Code of Conduct as we have so far.

Carolyn Van Slyck
Kubernetes Code of Conduct Committee

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