Re: Jepsen result for etcd 3.4.3

alexis richardson

Big round of applause to everyone involved in this. Please do share
any thoughts back with CNCF on what can be done to help etcd continue
to be a trusted component of the K8s environment.

One side question from me -- I think it would be good to understand
more about recommended etcd set-ups at different scales of k8s cluster
(10, 50, 150, 500+ nodes) and how to deal with n/w partitions.


On Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 3:28 PM Brandon Philips
<> wrote:

Hello Kubernetes Dev-

In the last few weeks the etcd maintainers have been working with Kyle at Jepsen to test the project. Please read the blog post from Xiang for the full results:



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