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Liz Rice

Thanks for the update, Doug. It makes sense to have subscription / discovery APIs to complement the existing CloudEvents, and doing them as part of the same project sgtm. 

Comments from the community are welcome! 

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On 24 Jan 2020, at 02:19, Doug Davis <dug@...> wrote:

TOC Members,

With CloudEvents reaching the v1.0 milestone, the Serverless WG has been looking at what additional pain points might the community be running into. After several meetings the WG produced the following “top candidate” possibilities:
- Subscription and Discovery APIs (includes Delivery API)
- Function Signatures
- End-to-End Security for Event Delivery
- Packaging Contract

After some discussions the WG decided on “Subscription and Discovery APIs” and to work on it under the CloudEvents project rather than as a Serverless WG task. Some rationale for this decision included:
- Once event producers generate CloudEvents, it’s only natural to then ask how an event consumer can determine, apriori, which CloudEvents will be generated. Additionally, how can an event consumer requests the delivery of those CloudEvents.
- This should help in the tooling and automation of connecting consumers to producers.

For the other WG topics above, there was an admission that trying to standardize on a solution for those issues might either be 1) a rather significant undertaking, and we were looking for a smaller problem to tackle, or 2) the issues would be filled with political landmines at this time. Both of which might reduce the likelihood of adoption on a broad scale right now. However, there was some discussion about the Serverless WG doing some exploration of possible solutions for those topics in the background to test the waters.

The purpose of this note is to update the TOC on the CloudEvents project’s plans and if there is a desire for more information, or for one of us to join an upcoming TOC call to answer questions in real-time, please let us know.

-Mark Peek, Ken Owens and Doug Davis

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