Re: [VOTE] Falco moving to incubation

Michael Ducy

One question I had come up regarding Falco and our incubation proposal is adoption and end users. While we are just about done with the voting process, I'd still like to share this video from Kubecon NA 2020.

Kris Nova co presented with Abhinav Srivastava of on the event processing pipeline they've built for Falco. In my opinion this is one of the better examples of Falco use cases:

Abhinav's presentation starts at 45:44 (and start at 0:00 if you want a great explanation of Falco from Kris) - 

We're hoping to have a case study published in the coming months.

One of the Falco project's goals as we move into Incubation is to increase the number and quality of end users. Currently our end users tend to come from tech, retail, or healthcare. We want to expand this out to include more financial services, fintech, and other regulated industries. We feel there's a opportunity to help these verticals with compliance use cases, as well as expand our current compliance use cases for retail and healthcare.

Thank you to the TOC for all your support thus far,

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