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Nicola Marco Decandia

Oh, thank you Paolo for updating me.

If you permit me, I can add you as organizer, so we can help each other. We are a Kubernetes Training partner.

You can write me on this email 😊

Have a good day, Paolo.


Nicola Marco Decandia

Desotech srl


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Date: Wednesday, 20 November 2019 at 12:34
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Hi Nicola and everyone,


Such a great initiative, i think that we can help you on that!


Just to be precise in Italy we are more than 2 CNCF members, my company (Sparkfabrik) is one of them and i know at least another one (Sighup), 

both of us KCSP partners as well.


Let's talk on the newly created issue on Github.


Best regards,





On Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 12:25 PM Nicola Marco Decandia <n.decandia@...> wrote:

Hello everyone, 
in Italy we are just two CNCF Partner (Kiratech and Desotech), and together we are organizing this event in Rome, one of the most beautiful city in Italy.
We also are interesting the CTO of Internet Service Provider of Vatican City to participate as organiser to our events.
This is the link of the events:

We are looking for some sponsors. maybe someone here wants to help to build this event, we will be happy to works together.
Have a good day to everyone.

Nicola Marco Decandia
Desotech S.r.l.





Paolo Mainardi

CTO & Founder


tel: +39-340-1678089

skype: paolo_mainardi


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