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Red Hat would like to nominate Clayton Coleman <ccoleman@...>
to the CNCF TOC.

Clayton is the Lead Architect on cloud orchestration and containers at Red
Hat, in charge of both technical direction for Kubernetes and OpenShift
(Red Hat's platform as a service built on top of Kubernetes) as well
as the broader container and container content efforts at Red Hat.
He guides the technical contributions of the large number of Red Hat
engineers who contribute daily to open source projects in the cloud
native space, including Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, OpenStack, Rocket,
and the underlying Linux kernel technologies that make them all possible.
Individually, Clayton is the #2 contributor to Kubernetes and has been
deeply involved in its evolution and development since it has been open
sourced, and before that lead teams from Red Hat working to stabilize
Docker and the underlying operating components it depends on to make
containers a production reality. Previously at IBM, he gained deep
insight into the care and feeding of some painfully complex enterprise
applications, and he is empassioned to help build infrastructure that
can run the simplest microservice or the most mission critical monolith.
He is deeply committed to the success of the open source ecosystem that
powers containerization, the Devops movement, and the tools that make
cloud native real.

Through OpenShift, Clayton has represented and been involved in
advising many companies as they made their transition to automated
and containerized application environments - realizing the benefits
and helping identify the hidden pitfalls of modern infrastructure.
That experience has helped inform the design of both Kubernetes
and OpenShift - a focus on usability, approachability, and a deep
understanding of the challenges facing today's IT organizations.

While much attention has been paid to the infrastructure and projects
that run and support micro- and macro- service architectures, a greater
proportion of investment and evolution is needed still in the tools and
processes that support developers building, testing, maintaining, and
securing the software in cloud native environments - a transition Clayton
has been leading within Red Hat through OpenShift and the communities
it comprises. The industrialization of software is just beginning, and
helping teams and organizations define and automate their development
pipelines at scale (in clouds of all kinds) is a critical step in that

I support Clayton's nomination to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's
Technical Oversight Committee because of his great ability to work
well within the community, provide technical leadership, and his germane
experience both developing enterprise applications and modern cloud-native
application infrastructure.

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