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Thanks for the comments. I've incorporated changes based on your feedback to

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Hello all,

I've been reviewing the recent Graduation Proposal on behalf of Huawei. I have recently joined the TOC meetings so I may have missed some of the earlier discussions.

I have the following questions:
- I wanted some clarity on the styling of the graduation evaluation criteria. OSS project possess their idiosyncrasies, and whilst the proposal puts forward good ideas to capture these, the terminology may not clarify them sufficiently, as under the present proposal. 
- It may be good to consider inclusion of more explicit language regarding 
  -- "multiple end users" - we may want to specify whether this is more then 2 users or more than 3 users, etc.

Changed to at least 2

  -- "committers from more than one organization..." - we may want to specify that this means having committers from more than two organizations


  -- "no longer can be recommended" - do we have detailed criteria in mind for non-recommendation? ASF? 

No, this is left to the discretion of the TOC. But the implication is that the world has changed significantly since adopting the project. It should certainly not come as a surprise.

  -- "no longer represents best practices in its area" - similarly, do we have detailed criteria in mind?

This is left intentionally vague. Note that the project is not "shut down" in any practical sense. It's simply a statement that CNCF/the TOC can no longer recommend the project, or cannot do so except with certain caveats.

Thank you.

Alexandre Baretto

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