Falco Incubation Proposal

Michael Ducy


It's with great pleasure I present to you Falco's proposal to move to Incubation. Next Tuesday, October 15th, we will be presenting the project's annual review on the TOC call. In preparation for this call I've submitted Falco's formal Incubation proposal.

Please find the proposal here:

In summary:
 * All key metrics around contributions and committers have seen significant growth.
 * Downloads have seen significant growth.
 * The project has seen an increase in integrations, as well as Falco being incorporated into other products (Sumo Logic, Altran).
 * The community has seen increased participation and activity.
 * Public end users are documented in the projects' ADOPTERS.md. Two end users are speaking at Kubecon NA 2019.
 * The project completed a security audit and fixed 14 security bugs.
 * The project successfully participated in the Google Summer of Code.
 * The project successfully defined and shipped a roadmap.

We look forward to presenting on Tuesday!


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