Re: Jaeger graduation due diligence

alexis richardson

I'm interested in end users who are also willing to self identify as enterprises.

Prometheus has a lot of these.  I had hoped Jaeger would be similar. 

Again it's not a deal breaker for me at all, but I'd love to hear there are enterprise users.

On Mon, 7 Oct 2019, 20:36 Matt Klein, <mattklein123@...> wrote:
Are you specifically referring to enterprise reselling/platform and not end-users?

On Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 8:27 PM Alexis Richardson <alexis@...> wrote:
Not that this should be a blocker but how much evidence of enterprise or CSP use is Jaeger seeing?

Weaveworks are a happy user, as documented here.  

On Mon, 7 Oct 2019, 20:23 Matt Klein, <mattklein123@...> wrote:
Hi folks,

Here is Jaeger's due diligence document for review prior to the graduation vote:

Please take a look at this document as well as the graduation PR and comment away!

Thanks to Yuri and Gary for their hard work helping to put all of the material together.


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