ChubaoFS Project - SIG Storage Feedback

Alex Chircop

 I'd like to share the output of the SIG Storage process we followed for the project presentations we had regarding the ChubaoFS project.

Project Longhorn was discussed in detail at the SIG call of 12th June.   Recording for the session is here:

The technical presentation is in the attached PDF.

Following the presentation, we had some followups and discussions and in general are happy to recommend the project for sandbox (following our call on Aug 14th).

The SIG has drafted a short survey/questionnaire to make sure we apply a consistent approach at collecting a common set of information during a project review.   This current questionnaire is geared towards a sandbox project review and should hold relevant information that the TOC will find useful when considering a project for sponsorship/review.   We also made sure the capture helpful IP Policy related info.

The info & questionnaire as completed by Wei is here: 

We continue to refine our process, so any feedback or ideas of what we can do better is very welcome!

Let me/SIG know if you need more information or have any queries.

Kind Regards,

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