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alexis richardson

yes it would be excellent to involve Brendan (and Microsoft?) and David, if they are interested 

key patterns also include pretty much anything that netflix have published as oss.. 

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​I am extremely interested in this and would love to contribute / join in. I feel that a few folks can contribute a lot. Brendan Burns is one. He and David Oppenheimer wrote a USENIX paper that extrapolates a bit on a couple EIPs in container-based manifestations.


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thanks JJ

it would be very helpful if someone or some people could form a group to codify patterns & example apps!

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*Very* well done, Alexis. I can't wait until we unpack the PATTERNS piece. This is key to pragmatically codifying Cloud Native for users. I keep going back to EIPs here:
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Subject: [cncf-marketing] my slides on cloud native from Software Circus


I gave a keynote yesterday at Software Circus in Amsterdam.  The bulk
of my talk was about CNCF and why it needs to exist, interspersed with
some personal opinions of course.  I used the draft reference stack to
illustrate the technologies we are looking for.  I spoke about
software, standards vs conventions etc.  At the end I said a few words
about appc, Docker and long term stability, and the "open" platform.

Afterwards a lot of people said it was the first time they had
understood CNCF.  So I must have done something right :-/

The slides are here -

Trigger warning - first section contains product promotion that some
may wish to skip.

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