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​I am extremely interested in this and would love to contribute / join in. I feel that a few folks can contribute a lot. Brendan Burns is one. He and David Oppenheimer wrote a USENIX paper that extrapolates a bit on a couple EIPs in container-based manifestations.​


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thanks JJ

it would be very helpful if someone or some people could form a group to codify patterns & example apps!

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*Very* well done, Alexis. I can't wait until we unpack the PATTERNS piece. This is key to pragmatically codifying Cloud Native for users. I keep going back to EIPs here:
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Subject: [cncf-marketing] my slides on cloud native from Software Circus


I gave a keynote yesterday at Software Circus in Amsterdam.  The bulk
of my talk was about CNCF and why it needs to exist, interspersed with
some personal opinions of course.  I used the draft reference stack to
illustrate the technologies we are looking for.  I spoke about
software, standards vs conventions etc.  At the end I said a few words
about appc, Docker and long term stability, and the "open" platform.

Afterwards a lot of people said it was the first time they had
understood CNCF.  So I must have done something right :-/

The slides are here -

Trigger warning - first section contains product promotion that some
may wish to skip.

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