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Hi Michael

That's not accurate, or at least not my understanding, nor what's documented in the SAFE minutes.

Specifically: The minutes of 2018-04-13 say: 


  • NOTE: Today's session will be primarily focused on preparations for the SAFE WG proposal presentation to the CNCF TOC on 2018-4-17

  • Getting ready for CNCF TOC meeting 2018-4-17, 8am Pacific

It seems that didn't happen until Aug 2018, 3 months later.

It was specifically in that context, that I provided the following feedback and requirements from the TOC, in response to the group's request to the TOC to become a working group (the PR has subsequently been changed substantially and used to for the SIG instead, so be aware of that if you read it).  This was done in Aug and Sept 2018.

For example: Quinton: "I would like us to clearly agree upon the written proposed timeline for delivering artifacts (contained in the charter). Both the SAFE WG, and the Policy WG have been around for a year or more and to my knowledge produced very little yet in the form of concrete outputs (please correct me if I'm wrong here). So I think it is important to produce the proposed artifacts, specifically white papers, within the reasonable timeframe proposed (about a quarter per phase) starting now (i.e. Sept 2018)."

The reply from the group was:

Ultrasaurus: "I agree that dates for deliverables are helpful. We have some in our roadmap and need to fold in new deliverables from merging with Policy WG. Group will pick this up as an activity to be done in the next meeting."

One of the primary deliverables listed in the roadmap is:

Describe the landscape
Define the terminology used in the output documents, and in the community
Describe the current state (landscape) of cloud native security, ...
... common patterns in use today for system that works for cloud-native apps. For example:
Extract end-to-end view of secure access, and
Common layering or a block architecture 

It was scheduled for final delivery in "Q4 2018 - Q1 2019", but this never happened.

I also discussed this in person with Ultrasaurus at KubeCon Seatle in Dec 2018 to clarify, and she assured me at the time that plans were on track as per the above roadmap.

To be clear, this is not a finger-pointing exercise, and it's completely understandable for some target dates to be missed sometimes.
But I think it's equally important to recognise the distinction between poor communication and poor delivery.  

It seems to me that the requirements and expectations here were clearly communicated and understood, but not delivered.



On Tue, Jul 2, 2019 at 9:57 AM Michael Ducy <michael.ducy@...> wrote:
The SAFE WG was an independent group (as I always understood it) that was NOT under the auspices of the CNCF or the CNCF TOC until very recently. Over those last 10 months, there's been much debate around "Categories and SIGs" and what they should deliver and that was finalized early this year. SAFE then morphed into SIG-Security a few months ago. 

So you're essentially saying, "I asked for something as a CNCF TOC member from a group that wasn't a CNCF sanctioned working group and they gave me nothing." While it would have been in the best interest of the SAFE WG to produce something, they weren't required to by any means. If I am wrong about the relationship between SAFE and the CNCF prior to them becoming SIG-Security, please correct me.

Now that being said, I do feel like the SIG-Security group should be producing white papers and the like. Specifically I'd like to see:
 - White paper of practical implementation advice
 - Cloud Native Security Landscape (This was something at SAFE had started)
 - Cloud Native Security Trail Map

This is not an exhaustive list as it doesn't included some of the Policy white papers Sarah is interested in producing. 

On Tue, Jul 2, 2019 at 12:27 PM Quinton Hoole <quinton@...> wrote:
A quick follow-up to the discussion in today's TOC meeting regarding being clear about the TOC's expectations of deliverables from SIGs (and working groups).

Here is the discussion I had 10 months ago with the Security group regarding expectations, specifically around delivery of White Papers (github lists me as ghost, due to an unfortunate technical issue).

I think I made it very clear at the time what the TOC expected to be delivered, and the group explicitly undertook to deliver the white papers, but simply has not.

The main reason I bring this up is that I think it's important to draw a clear distinction between lack of communication from the TOC as to what's required, vs repeated lack of delivery thereof by a SIG or working group, as the solutions to the two problems are quite different.


Quinton Hoole

Quinton Hoole

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