Re: CNCF SIG (and WG) expected deliverables

Liz Rice

Hi Quinton, 

This is in large part down to me! The chairs asked me for guidance on their priorities at the point where they were formally accepted as a SIG. I suggested focusing on getting some assessments done so we can get some concrete experience of this happening. To my mind this was more pressing, so we could see if/how SIGs can help the TOC scale and cope with the project assessment workload.

On 2 Jul 2019, 17:27 +0100, Quinton Hoole <quinton@...>, wrote:

A quick follow-up to the discussion in today's TOC meeting regarding being clear about the TOC's expectations of deliverables from SIGs (and working groups).

Here is the discussion I had 10 months ago with the Security group regarding expectations, specifically around delivery of White Papers (github lists me as ghost, due to an unfortunate technical issue).

I think I made it very clear at the time what the TOC expected to be delivered, and the group explicitly undertook to deliver the white papers, but simply has not.

The main reason I bring this up is that I think it's important to draw a clear distinction between lack of communication from the TOC as to what's required, vs repeated lack of delivery thereof by a SIG or working group, as the solutions to the two problems are quite different.


Quinton Hoole

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