Re: What is the purpose of the SIGs?

Liz Rice

Hi Dmitri, here’s a write-up: 

To everyone: there was a similar-ish question a week or two ago about the roles of user groups, TOC, working groups, SIGs and so on. I wonder if we need a better introductory explanation (illustrated guide, even?) on the main CNCF website? For the TOC parts it could link to the more detailed docs that we maintain on GitHub. 


On 2 Jul 2019, 17:38 +0100, Dimitri Mitropoulos <dimitri@...>, wrote:

Hi, my name is Dimitri Mitropoulos and I'm an engineer at Weaveworks.

I was talking to my friends the other day about the cool CNCF SIGs that I'd heard mentioned.  Later I tried to find a description of specifically what the SIGs are for.  Where can I find such a thing?

I'm hoping to learn what the ultimate place is of the SIGs in terms of decision making power.  That is to say, do the SIGs make decisions that are then acted upon or do they make informed recommendations that may or may not be accepted by the TOC?


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