Re: netdata shitshow

alexis richardson


The decision was unanimous, in that no TOC member wished to sponsor
Netdata. Had a sponsor stepped forward, Netdata would have been
invited to initiate the DD process for incubation, with Github issue
creation etc. Note that the project was too mature for sandbox.
After DD there would have been a vote. If this was not communicated
to you, then I apologise.


On Fri, Jun 7, 2019 at 7:01 PM <costa+cncf@...> wrote:

Alexis, thank you for the information.

So, you say that TOC members discussed about Netdata and decided it is not cloud native and should not be invited to CNCF.

Are there any meeting minutes about this?
Which TOC members were present?
Was this decision unanimous?
Is the standard procedure to silently make such decisions without letting the founders know and giving them the option to provide additional information that may help in the decision?

To my understanding Netdata is the definition of "Cloud Native". It is the only monitoring solution that does not require any centralization of metrics, provides 1s granularity as standard, supports unlimited metrics per node, provides meaningful presentation and visualization for all metrics, comes pre-configured with alarms that are attached automatically to all metrics and can be used immediately after installation with zero configuration on most setups. So, I am very curious to see a list of Cloud Native criteria Netdata did not meet.

Thank you!

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