Re: [ANN] Incubator: node-feature-discovery (our first incubator project!)

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We are getting close to the point where we'll need to set out the
principles for exiting Incubation at CNCF. Recall that we agreed to
put all projects into Incubation as an initial simplifying assumption
while CNCF/TOC was getting started in Q1 2016. Now that more
prospective Cloud Native projects are coming through the pipe, with a
range of characteristics, we can more concretely define incubation.

To that end, I want to point out* this high quality piece of work
(below) from Brandon, Sarah and Brian. Kubernetes has a very specific
shape and spirit, and may have different gating concerns for
incubation. But: please take a look. Perhaps we could adapt this
document into a CNCF Incubation model.


* and praise

On Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 10:50 PM, Brandon Philips
<> wrote:
Hello Everyone-

We recently created a process for creating new projects under Kubernetes,
which we call the "incubator". You can read all about it over on the
community repo.

The very first project to go into Incubation is node-feature-discovery which
you can learn more about on the Overview page. Welcome aboard!

If you have any questions please reach out to Connor and Balaji (on cc).

Incubation team:
Sponsor: Dawn Chen
Champion: David Opp
SIG: sig-node

Thank You!


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