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alexis richardson


On Tue, 30 Aug 2016, 15:14 Doug Davis, <dug@...> wrote:

The CNCF charter mentions that the TOC would define the criteria for new projects to join the CNCF [1], perhaps now would be a good time to formalize that so that everyone can evaluate the proposed projects against the same set of guidelines - and of course, so that potential projects can have a clear finish line to shoot for so they don't submit too soon.

[1] Sec 9: "All such contributions should meet a set criteria created by the TOC and ratified by the Governing Board"

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Alexis Richardson via cncf-toc ---08/30/2016 08:48:29 AM---Thanks Camille. This issue will also come up with Heron.

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Thanks Camille.

This issue will also come up with Heron.

Perhaps we need to start putting gating conditions into the process eg Yes you can be in cncf but you cannot leave incubation until <conditions stated upfront>

On Tue, 30 Aug 2016, 14:26 Camille Fournier, <skamille@...> wrote:

    -1. I think the project has great potential but is too early to be included in the foundation. I would love to see it again once it has gone through a full release cycle and gotten a little bit of adoption.


    On Aug 26, 2016 8:09 AM, "Carlos Alonso via cncf-toc" <cncf-toc@...> wrote:


    On Thu, 25 Aug 2016, 05:37 Jonathan Boulle via cncf-toc, <cncf-toc@...> wrote:

      Fellow TOC members: 

      The CoreDNS team has iterated on their project proposal to a final version after feedback and it's now time to vote.

      Proposal is available here and also embedded below.

      To kick things off, here's my +1.



      Name of project: CoreDNS
      CoreDNS is a fast, flexible and modern DNS server. Its performant and flexible implementation allows CoreDNS to be easily extended to support various data sources and to implement rich DNS service behaviors: for example, response caching, query rewrite, load-balancing, zone transfer and signing. CoreDNS is the successor of SkyDNS (, a DNS server that uses etcd as its datastore backend. SkyDNS is widely used in cloud deployments, but lacks the flexibility we envision for CoreDNS.
      Sponsor / Advisor from TOC: Jonathan Boulle
      Unique Identifier: coredns
      License: Apache License v2.0
      Source control repositories:
      Initial Committers:
        • Miek Gieben github: miekg
        • Michael Richmond github: mrichmon
        • github: splack
        • Felix Cantournet github: fcantournet
        • github: leelynne
        • Matt Layher github: mdlayher
        • Vasily Vailyev github: pixelbender
      Infrastructure requirements (CI / CNCF Cluster): N/A
      Issue tracker:
      Release methodology and mechanics: As a young project, no method for official releases has been established, and no official releases have been made; the current rule is that the master branch is production-ready at all times. A more formal release process is on its way, and may introduce semantic versioning, but a final decision has not yet been made. Precompiled binaries will be distributed by hooking into Caddy’s download website (, where "DNS" will be a Server Type option.
      Social media accounts: Twitter: @corednsio
      Existing sponsorship: Infoblox contributing developer time to implement CoreDNS→Kubernetes integration component.
      Existing community: The community is small, but growing. Current number of Twitter followers is 100+ (after a week of having the Twitter account). By aligning ourselves with the Caddy community, we hope to leverage Caddy’s popularity for CoreDNS. By positioning CoreDNS as a better SkyDNS, we hope to entice existing users of SkyDNS to migrate to and embrace CoreDNS.
      External Dependencies
      CoreDNS depends on Caddy ( Caddy is a framework that CoreDNS uses in two ways:

        1. much of the CoreDNS code plugs into the framework to add DNS behavior.
        2. CoreDNS provides a wrapper around the framework to provide a DNS-tuned command-line interface.

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