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The CNCF charter mentions that the TOC would define the criteria for new projects to join the CNCF [1], perhaps now would be a good time to formalize that so that everyone can evaluate the proposed projects against the same set of guidelines - and of course, so that potential projects can have a clear finish line to shoot for so they don't submit too soon.

[1] Sec 9: "All such contributions should meet a set criteria created by the TOC and ratified by the Governing Board"

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Alexis Richardson via cncf-toc ---08/30/2016 08:48:29 AM---Thanks Camille. This issue will also come up with Heron.

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Thanks Camille.

This issue will also come up with Heron.

Perhaps we need to start putting gating conditions into the process eg Yes you can be in cncf but you cannot leave incubation until <conditions stated upfront>

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