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+1 as well, and glad to see this conversation moving forward.

One point I want to make absolutely clear is that diversity does not mean "corporate diversity" or "diversity of thought" or any other form of diversity that means the room is all white men and still considered "diverse". 

Also, huge +1 to expanding recruiting efforts to under-represented people. We should be bringing in new contributors to SIGs, and using these as great opportunities for people to learn about problem domains without the triggering aspects of first-time technical contributions. 

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+1 and a comment:

It has seemed to me so far that the term “diversity” at CNCF is widely assumed to mean “more, and more equitable representation of, women.” I attended a diversity session at Seattle, for instance, and while it was not described with any qualifiers, it was almost exclusively about making the workplace and work policies more amenable to women with children, and the panel was all white and Asian women. 

There are many other aspects - non-white/Asian people, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities - whose lack of centering affect both our workplaces and our work in significant and destructive ways. While the situation of women is hugely important in the industry and the community, it is not the only aspect of diversity to be concerned about. 

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Huge +1!!

On Thu, May 30, 2019, 07:29 Liz Rice <liz@...> wrote:
Alexis just shared an idea with me that I think is so great that I wanted to act immediately! This comes out of discussions with several folks at KubeCon and elsewhere about how we can improve diversity at all levels of the community.

Now that we’ve formalised the existence of CNCF SIGs, they’re a great place to scale out the diversity effort. Let's add to the CNCF SIG requirements that they need to have initiatives in place to actively encourage diversity (of all sorts) within their activities.

The goal should be nurturing a more diverse range of people into positions like SIG Tech Leads and Chairs, and other SIG-specific roles (e.g. taking part in security assessments in SIG security). The SIG Chairs would need to assume the responsibility to make sure this is happening. 

Thoughts & ideas? 



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