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I defer to the experts here but I highly recommend taking this free course we put together and require for all staff as a start:

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Might I suggest that along with the requirements we include specific examples for the SIG leads for how they might go about increasing the diversity within their SIG? SIG leads might be supportive but not actually know how to go about it.

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Indeed +1 

This is great !


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Huge +1!!

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Alexis just shared an idea with me that I think is so great that I wanted to act immediately! This comes out of discussions with several folks at KubeCon and elsewhere about how we can improve diversity at all levels of the community.

Now that we’ve formalised the existence of CNCF SIGs, they’re a great place to scale out the diversity effort. Let's add to the CNCF SIG requirements that they need to have initiatives in place to actively encourage diversity (of all sorts) within their activities.

The goal should be nurturing a more diverse range of people into positions like SIG Tech Leads and Chairs, and other SIG-specific roles (e.g. taking part in security assessments in SIG security). The SIG Chairs would need to assume the responsibility to make sure this is happening. 

Thoughts & ideas? 



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