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alexis richardson

Hi folks

I've discussed this with Aeneas

I think this is a very interesting project from a "product manager" point of view.  I don't feel technically qualified to sponsor this though.  Can someone step in please?


On Mon, 13 May 2019, 15:39 Aeneas Rekkas, <aeneas@...> wrote:

I am writing in reference to the ORY open source organization. The project's focus is cloud native end-user, service, workload, and IoT authentication and authorization.

ORY has to date 11k GitHub Stars and 3.5M+ Docker Pulls in total. The project provides exhaustive documentation and established community management processes, including 1k chat users on Discord, an active Discourse forum  Last month alone there were over one billion API requests according to optional telemetry. ORY is used by several organizations, including Deutsche Boerse AGSegmentRaspberry PI, in production. All our projects are written in Go, designed with cloud native principles and work best in Kubernetes environments. ORY integrates well with other CNCF projects, e.g. Open Policy Agent, as well as projects from the wider Kubernetes Ecosystem for instance Ambassador.

We strongly believe in headless, API-first services. Our projects solve problems with clear domain boundaries. ORY Hydra  our flagship project, is a cloud native, OpenID Certified OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 Provider which integrates by design with any login system. What stands out is that all of our projects work independently/stand-alone or in combination with one-another as well as in combination with other open or closed source software projects with adjacent problem domains.

Therefore we would like to present our ecosystem and specifically ORY Hydra to the TOC (issue). Alexis Richardson (cc) and Fabian Reinartz (cc) encouraged us to directly apply for the incubating stage, which is why we are looking for a Sponsor. We were told that contacting the CNCF mailing list would be the best course of action for this. If anyone finds the projects interesting, I would be more than happy to get in touch and present the ecosystem.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

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