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alexis richardson


Thanks. I would prioritise open governance over reducing your
committers, but up to you.

Re quotas. Any multi-tenant system that holds data for any length of
time faces the question of how available resources may be allocated to
tenants. Typically a quota system is used. If your users are single
tenant, then you don't need this.


On Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 8:19 AM <dingham@...> wrote:


Thank you for your comments and the opportunity to present Strimzi to the TOC yesterday.

We are keen to work towards neutral open governance of the project and think that the link to the Cortex governance is a good starting point. Until now the project has prioritised ease of administration over more formal processes for PR review and merging, but now is a good time to start adopting a more formal model. We will therefore start by reducing the number of our own committers and explore expanding the pool of non-Red Hat committers on the project (this might however take some more time). We’ll keep you informed on our progress.

During the call it was clear that other people were also interested in the idea of having a standalone Zookeeper deployment - without Apache Kafka. In order to make a start on some initial design work for this it would be great to get more input from those people about how they think this would be used. For example, if they had other Zookeeper-dependent projects in mind it would be great to know about them.

Can you elaborate on the idea around quotas? We think the idea here would be a messaging-agnostic custom resource/API expressing a quota for authenticated message senders to (abstract) message destinations, but we’re not sure we understood you correctly.

Finally, if we addressed these points are there other TOC members who would be willing to sponsor the project or do others have further issues they would like to discuss?

Best regards,

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