[Policy][Security]Long Term Research Collaboration

Zhipeng Huang

Hi TOC members,

In today's Policy WG's meeting[0] we discussed the possibility of introducing formal verification into the cloud native world in conjunction with policy engine, to form a complete cloud native policy architecture. However formal verification is not a subtle work and requires significant work on theoretic side. I'm wondering is there any mechanism within CNCF that we could do long term research collaboration ?

We believe this will hugely benefit Kubernetes, Istio and many other cloud native platforms in general to have formal verification capability. Other research topics could include things like security protocol building (e.g. noise framework) which would be also quite interesting.

Zhipeng (Howard) Huang

Principle Engineer
OpenStack, Kubernetes, CNCF, LF Edge, ONNX, Kubeflow, OpenSDS, Open Service Broker API, OCP, Hyperledger, ETSI, SNIA, DMTF, W3C

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