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On Thu, Mar 28, 2019 at 23:00 Stephen Augustus <Stephen@...> wrote:

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On Thu, Mar 28, 2019, 20:36 Roger Klorese <roger.klorese@...> wrote:

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Roger B.A. Klorese
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On Mar 28, 2019, at 5:09 PM, Brian Grant via Lists.Cncf.Io <> wrote:

Thanks for the summary, Eduardo. And sorry this has taken so long.


I believe Fluentd is ready for graduation, and would like to call a vote.


Adoption of fluentd is widespread, as can be seen on its site:


Fluentd is the 4th most used docker image according to:


Fluentd reached 1.0 in Dec 2017. There are nearly 1000 fluentd plugins.


Even the core has committers and significant contributions from multiple organizations.


Fluentbit, a lightweight log forwarder optimized for cloud-native environments, has also reached 1.0. 


On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 1:42 PM Eduardo Silva <eduardo@...> wrote:

Hello TOC!,

My name is Eduardo Silva from Fluentd project.

On November 2016, sponsored by Brian Grant, Fluentd joined CNCF in the Incubating stage. One year later in November 2017, we submitted PR #69 asking for the project Graduation. Since that time we have been waiting for feedback asking to get started with the voting process. Unfortunately, due to previous TOC overload, our project review has been delayed many times and for months.

As of mid-2018, we started to transition Fluentd trademark (hold by Treasure Data at that moment) to the Linux Foundation, it took a lot of time since the trademark was in several countries and as of today that process is almost finished.

On December 2018 we did a presentation on the TOC call:

·         Presentation recording:

·         Slides:

But again no clear steps to move forward have been provided...

Moving forward and considering that we have been in the queue for a long time and we have a new TOC on board, in name of Fluentd project, I would like to ask for an official review of our Graduation proposal and further Voting process.

Since Incubation, the current statistics of Fluentd as of today are:

·         75 official releases

·         More than 48 Million Docker Hub Pulls

·         941 Plugins available made by the community, 917 have been updated since Incubation.

·         7500 Github Stars

Our expectation from TOC is to get feedback if some information is missing and define the action plan for the voting process, for us be able to finish this process during April 2019 is ideal, for hence we ask to be granted with high priority in terms of revision, feedback, and final steps.

We understand new TOC have been just formed, but we trust you will understand the situation and help on this final stage.

We are happy to present again in the next TOC call if required, whatever is required from us please let us know and we will work on it with high priority too.



Eduardo Silva
Principal Engineer  | Arm
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
m. +506 70138007





Chris Short

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