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Agreed - I shall add this to the agenda for this week, so that we can have a vote soon.


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per the charter [1], in section 9, it says:
All such contributions should meet a set criteria created by the TOC and ratified by the Governing Board.
I would suggest that the TOC work on getting this ratification done fairly soon so that we don't delay in getting new projects on-boarded and so that we have a clear, agreed upon and consistent set of criteria by which new projects will be evaluated.


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Alexis Richardson via cncf-toc ---07/29/2016 01:29:33 AM---Hi all, As we talk to more projects, a consistent proposals process is

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Hi all,

As we talk to more projects, a consistent proposals process is
emerging.  I'd like to describe how this is working now, with a view
to the TOC blessing the model.  After this, let's ask Dan's team to
publish a summary of the process on the CNCF website, plus collateral
changes [ shown in brackets below ].


Stages are:

1. Discovery.  Project contacts CNCF or is approached by TOC / ED
staff.  Informal conversation about mission of CNCF and how CNCF can
help Project.

At this stage, the Project should decide if it potentially wishes to
be in the CNCF.  The representatives of the CNCF should decide if they
are comfortable recommending a move to stage 2.

[ CNCF website should state benefits of CNCF to Projects ]

2. Introduction.  Project makes a 20 minute presentation to the TOC
during a scheduled TOC meeting.

In the first 10 minutes: present a slide deck should explain why the
project exists, who is using it, and where it is going.  Not more than
5 slides.  In the second 10 minutes: Q&A.

At this stage, the TOC has the opportunity to invite a Project to make
a formal Proposal.  This invitation occurs when, in public forum, a
voting TOC member agrees to act as Project Sponsor and the Project
agrees to proceed.

[ CNCF website should link to example 5-slide deck eg. Prometheus intro ]

3. Proposal.  Project and Sponsor create a written proposal using the
published proposal template.  On completion, this document must be
posted to the CNCF proposals list and TOC list.

At this stage, the TOC may provide feedback and ask questions.  The
TOC may request a formal presentation of the Proposal during one of
its regular meetings.  This stage is completed when, during a TOC
meeting, the TOC states that a vote will take place.

[ CNCF website should link to template plus example proposal doc eg.
Prometheus ]

4. Vote.  The TOC votes on the Project Proposal on the public TOC
mailing list.  A successful vote requires 6 TOC members, out of a
possible 9.  Projects that are successful will then proceed to

[ CNCF website should link to the charter statements that explain
voting.  Also, CNCF website should describe Incubation. ]

Final note: stages 2 and 3 may not happen in the same meeting.
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