Re: CNCF SIGs Proposal

alexis richardson



On Tue, Feb 5, 2019 at 5:28 PM "Li, Xiang <> wrote:
Thanks for putting this together! I have a few questions and comments on the proposal.


1. Does every existing CNCF project need to be assigned to a SIG?

I don't think that's a "MUST HAVE", but it would be Nice.

2. Does every candidate project proposal need to be prepared with a SIG?

Well, one aim of all this is that SIGs help to identify project gaps for CNCF, and some of the pre-solicitation and investigation.  It would be great if a CICD SIG could come to the TOC with 2-3 well written decks & docs from the group of projects in that space, f.ex



I would like to see the SIG responsibilities explicitly include helping young projects to grow and thrive (sandbox and early incubation projects).

If that is not listed, I agree it would be helpful.  

Overall project Help, Health and Planning is super important at all levels of the CNCF and needs champions in the TOC, SIGs, and TOC Contributors.

For example, each sandbox project get assigned one or two mentors from the SIG. The SIG tech lead helps on the roadmap and governance structure for sandbox projects.

I'd like to see the CNCF budget provide explicit resources to help here.   We need to be careful to not over-commit voluntary resources.  Experience has taught us that this can be unfruitful. 


As the proposal mentions SIG retirement, shall we also mention the split/merge of SIGs? For example, the core and applied architecture SIG is kind of a umbrella SIG, especially the applied architecture part. I can image that the ML/big data area might need its own SIG as it grows. 



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