FYI: TOC Election Results 2019

Chris Aniszczyk

Hey all, here are the results for the GB-selected TOC seats:

The top 6 GB-selected candidates have confirmed that they will serve on the TOC:

Alexis Richardson (Weaveworks)
Brendan Burns (Microsoft) 
Xiang Li (Alibaba)
Joe Beda (VMWare)
Kelsey Hightower (Google)
Matt Klein (Lyft)

The CNCF End User seat goes to Intuit and will be served by Jeff Brewer.

We want to personally to thank the outgoing TOC members who were with CNCF since its inception and helped the organization become what it is today. Existing TOC members will be listed as an emeritus member of the TOC ( and will always have an honored position with CNCF and my gratitude.

A few of important things to note, there is also an upcoming TOC-selected seat that becomes open on 3/17/2019 (Quinton) that the TOC will have to select by then. There are also some logistics around staggered terms (split 1yr/2yr terms) for the newly elected TOC members but we will take care of that by the next TOC meeting. There is also a be a TOC chair election.

Thanks everyone, we will do a session at the next TOC meeting on Feb 5th giving new and the newly emeritus TOC members a chance to speak.

Chris Aniszczyk (@cra) | +1-512-961-6719

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