Re: Improvement Feedback on KubeCon/CloudNativeCon NA 2018

Matt Farina

Also, couldn’t agree with Matt more that the sponsored sessions in the keynotes really need to be identified as “sponsored”. I think they really detract from the flow of the keynote.  Perhaps  we should consider eliminating this benefit from Diamond sponsors, especially since the Diamond sponsorship tier has been over subscribed for the last few events.  The keynotes are so important, and we really 

I want to add a little more to the sponsored talk conversations. I spent some time thinking about them.

First, I was not the person who brought up sponsored sessions. I just transcribed it from the meeting. Someone else gets the credit for that one.

A few thoughts...

  • Who are the sponsored sessions useful for? The content in them was not something I found useful. Certainly not on par with something like Julia Evans talk. Who are sponsored talks useful for and how does it help the mission of the CNCF?
  • I don’t watch much live TV because commercials. Many people are switching to Netflix and co where there are no commercials. The sponsored talks felt like commercials. I skipped a bunch of keynotes and watched the videos just so I could skip the commercials in them. I see it’s not a huge trend because the room was full. Just a thought.
  • Do the sponsors who do the sponsor talks get value from them? Might there be a more valuable perk for them in their quest that’s less invasive on the attendees?

This whole area may benefit from some brainstorming, metrics, and design thikning

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