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We decided not to put any timelines on anything in the beginning as each project is going to be different at its maturity stage. There are projects that may have decent adoption but low maintainer diversity and so on. The maturity levels are outlined pretty well here:

The particular line "since these metrics can vary significantly depending on the type, scope and size of a project, the TOC has final judgement over the level of activity that is adequate to meet these criteria" was put in place to give the TOC some flexibility in decisions making as they are the final arbiter of maturity level decisions.

IMHO I don't think having a minimum time to bake is a bad idea but that is going to be different for each project as some are quicker to mature than others.

You're welcome to propose improvements to the sandbox process and discuss it in a PR: 

On Tue, Nov 6, 2018 at 4:25 PM Eduardo Silva <eduardo@...> wrote:

Why Sandbox projects don't have a minimum time of requirement before to try to move to incubation ? I see that Harbor joined as a Sandbox project on July 31 and just after 3 months moving forward to incubation ? 

To be clear, this is not something against Harbor, but I see a potential "gray area" since it would be easier to go with sandbox and then jump into incubation, than do direct to incubation (which is harder).  

comments ?

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